Large fruit basket 16KG

Large Fruit Basket 16KG


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  • Type: Fruits
Send your loved ones the most hearty, nutritious, and colorful fruit gift baskets. Send apples, grapes, bananas, dates, and other healthy fruits as you'd like, and we'll deliver them within 24 hours, keeping you healthy and connected to your loved ones.
This package includes the following items:
Red Apple- 2kg
Green Apple- 2kg
Guava- 1kg
Orange- 2kg
Tangerine- 2kg
Red Grapes- 500gm
Green Grapes- 500gm
Banana- 2 dozen
Pineapple 2 piece
Dragon Fruits 2 piece
Dates – 1kg
Strawberry/Red berries- 500gm
Pomegranate- 4 piece
Papaya-  1 piece
Product availability depends on the season. If any fruit is unavailable, it will be replaced with the same quantity of other seasonal fruit.
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