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Ramadan Iftar Package 2022

With the start of Ramadan, the number of iftar feasts and invitations increases. We host iftar parties for our friends and relatives, and we also attend and enjoy iftar with them. This lovely custom brings people closer together and revitalizes feelings of giving and assisting one another. But, when it comes to distance, such activity seems impossible. However, you can always mitigate the space by delivering delicious Iftar packages to people that live a thousand miles away. Ramadan is the month of giving and receiving. Feeding your loved ones is pleasurable. Feeding someone who is fasting is a lot more rewarding. The person gets the same number of rewards as the fasting person, and Tohfabd provides you with a unique opportunity to earn such rewards by sending delicious Iftar items to your friends and family back home in Bangladesh in less than 24 hours. You can get 30% OFF on all the Iftar items by cracking the exclusive promo code “Eidi30”. Let this Ramadan be extra special for your friends and family through happy meals and amazing surprises.