The Ultimate Gift-Giving Guide for Bangladeshis Living Abroad

The Ultimate Gift-Giving Guide for Bangladeshis Living Abroad

It's never been easier to send gifts to Bangladesh from abroad thanks to today's advanced technology. Bangladeshi ex-pats can connect emotionally with their loved ones in Bangladesh by sending them gifts via various web portals accessible these days. Gifts are visible reminders of a memorable event, experience, or emotion. It's not so much about the gift as it is about what it represents. The country's rich culture and events allow us to remember our friends and family by giving gifts no matter how far apart we are. 

Bangladeshi Gift Giving Occasions & Traditions

Aside from religious festivals, Bangladesh holds a variety of celebrations throughout the year. Gifts are generally given among family members on religious holidays, Bengali cultural festivals, and on special days like birthdays and weddings

Religious Events

Bangladesh’s population has a mixture of many different religions along with their specific cultures. The primary religions in Bangladesh include Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism. Many of Bangladesh's celebrations are influenced by Islam, as the majority of the population is Muslim; Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha are two examples.

For Hindus, Durga puja is the biggest festival that is colorfully celebrated all throughout the country. Christmas and Buddha Purnima are also major religious holidays that everyone celebrates in the country with grace. These are the holidays and events that we miss the most while we are away from our loved ones in another country. That is why gift-giving is so crucial when we are apart from them. Sending gifts to your loved ones in Bangladesh will not only help reconnect feelings but will also cause your loved ones to recall pleasant memories, which should bring the biggest smiles to their faces.

Bengali Festivals

When it comes to honoring Bengali culture in Bangladesh, Pohela Boishakh and Pohela Falgun are must-haves. People get dressed up, buy gifts for loved ones, and spend the entire day with them by going to fairs.

Every year during the second week of April, Bengalis all over the world celebrate Noboborsho (New Year) or Pahela Baishakh. On this day, the Bengali heart is filled with a special emotion. The Pohela Boishakh symbolizes the beginning of the new fiscal year for the Bengali community. Falgun, the first month of the season Spring, the King of Seasons that ushers in dazzling sunshine and blooming flowers, is the eleventh month in the Bengali calendar. Both nature and daily life are brightened and made happier by these celebrations. Sending and receiving gifts on these occasions would therefore make the celebration even more joyful. 

Special Occasions

Choosing and presenting gifts to loved ones on special occasions like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries are very well followed by everyone in Bangladesh. Selecting gifts and the manner in which they are delivered reveal a great deal about relationships and the intricate social networks in the community. There are social, psychological, and emotional ripples hidden behind every ideal gift. Therefore, never forget to show your loved ones how much you care on special occasions by giving them gifts.

Consider Sending These Gifts to Bangladesh

Online gift stores feature all kinds of variety of items when it comes to choosing a perfect gift to send to your loved one. 

Fresh Flowers

Having fresh flowers around enhances lives significantly. The beauty and fragrance of fresh flowers brighten up any occasion. Weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries would be incomplete without them. Don't forget to show your affection to a loved one if today is a special day for them, and send flowers to Bangladesh from afar to keep the emotional bond alive and strong. You can now send fresh flowers to the doorsteps of your loved ones using. All you have to do is choose a bouquet that reflects immediate happiness while avoiding allergens for the recipient. There are times when buying flowers from your location and sending them to another location is not appropriate. It will fade away with time. You can now buy flowers from a location near your recipient's address and send them fresh to surprise them right away.

Scrumptious Food Items

Food has an amazing power to bring individuals together, as well as to comfort and delight those who receive it. Whatever the occasion, a food gift package, special kacchi with aloo platter, or KFC's crispy happy meals could be the ideal gift to send to your loved ones back home. With so many options, you're sure to find a gift that complements the occasion while also conveying a subtle message to your loved ones. From rich food to healthy, online gift stores have everything covered for your loved ones to indulge in and enjoy their special day with a full heart and stomach.

Stylish Fashion & Clothing

Do you have friends and family that get your fashion sense and style? Then gifting a nice pair of shoes, embroidered kameez, stylish scarf, sparkling jewelry, or fashionable bags can be the best idea to celebrate special occasions of your loved ones back home. For someone who loves to roam around town wearing fancy clothes or catch the spotlight of an evening high tea party, or a fashion enthusiast who loves to match her clothes with shoes and bags, then gifting clothes and accessories can be the best option. If you are living abroad and don't want to miss out on big occasions of your loved ones living in Bangladesh then send them gifts right away. There are so many online gift shops these days that provide a variety of options so that you can upgrade your fashion enthusiast friend's wardrobe in a unique style with incredible clothing and fashion accessories.

Fun Gifts for Kids

When a child begins to tear open their first wrapped gift, whether for a birthday, Eid, or a holiday, this is usually their favorite part of receiving the gift, followed by playing with the box later on. They take pleasure in every aspect of receiving gifts. Furthermore, gift giving and receiving is a simple but effective way for young children to learn about gratitude, appreciating what they receive, and being thankful. Children learn to express gratitude for all gifts, large and small. They learn to value the thought that went into the gift. As a result, it is critical to celebrate your adoring nephew's or niece's special days with amazing toys and exciting gifts. If you are living a thousand miles away then worry not because there are many online gift platforms which got you covered. You can send the cute package to your little humans to make them smile big.

Useful Home Appliances

Do you want to show your mother or spouse how much you love them? This holiday season, why not give them a useful kitchen appliance? Appliances are typically given as wedding gifts, but they can also be fun and useful holiday gifts. A new small appliance to add to the collection can be the ideal gift for any individual or family who is becoming more involved in cooking and baking. If you're looking for the perfect gift for the aspiring, professional, or budding chef on your list, online gift stores have a wide selection of small kitchen appliances with a variety of features and options. Now that we've listed all of the products that you may give to your loved ones in Bangladesh from abroad. Let's look at how sending gifts or presents from overseas has evolved throughout time.

How Online Gift Portals Boost Efficiency

Customers are often unaware of the limits that apply to the sending of mail or gifts to Bangladesh. Other customers have shared terrifying stories regarding sending presents from other countries to Bangladesh. While many people blame Bangladesh Customs for delivery failures, issues and delays with international shipments into Bangladesh are usually triggered by other issues. This is when online gift portals with hassle-free delivery services come to play. Online gift portals eliminate the following issues and make gift giving to loved ones living abroad simple and enjoyable.

Lost Packages

There are thieves who work for the local postal service, which is unfortunate but true. Some clients claimed that the recipient only received half of the gifts they sent since the parcels' contents were opened and partially taken. In other instances, only the packaging or carton of the present was delivered; in some circumstances, the box itself is no longer there. Usually, this occurs with deliveries that have no tracking whatsoever. In order to avoid this trouble, online gift portals make it simple to send gifts to loved ones who live far away.

Custom Duties

Most countries tax gifts that exceed a particular value, and Bangladesh is no exception. Hearing reports of gift recipients in Bangladesh being inconvenienced and forced to fill out extensive paperwork with the customs office is pretty depressing. When the sender finds out that the VIP receiver must pay taxes to Customs, it is even more embarrassing. Some recipients feel compelled to accept the present no matter how much time, trouble, or money it requires because they are fearful of disappointing the sender. 

Shipping Time Management

It may take between 3 weeks and 4 months (or more!) to get a parcel delivered to your destination due to paperwork filing, packaging perfection, cross-border delivery, customs clearance, and local delivery within Bangladesh. This may not be a problem if you are flexible and the present does not need to arrive on a specific date.

Consideration of Costs

In Bangladesh, it is a popular belief that imported goods are pricey on the local market. It's true that imported gadgets, some types of chocolate, and drinks can cost up to two times as much as they would in your home nation. However, in addition to the hazards mentioned above, the present sender must also take into account the price of international shipping, packing, insurance, and, in some circumstances, Customs taxes/duties.

Final Words

Aren't you grateful that modern technology has eliminated such agonizing problems so that you can easily make your loved ones happy? So what's the point of waiting? Pick one of the many user-friendly gifting websites, and have your loved ones in Bangladesh surprised right away!



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