How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party!

How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party!

Someone's special birthday is knocking at the door. And you don’t want to miss the chance of surprising them. It’s an excellent time to make and feel them special. Also time for some secret birthday planning. Throwing a surprise birthday party is great. But if you don’t plan a birthday party beforehand, chances are you might fail to arrange a surprise party.

For a successful birthday surprise, you must follow some necessary steps that help you to avoid any kind of mishaps. So are you looking for the best way to arrange a birthday party? Then read ahead. Here we have shared some tips that will help you to arrange a great party.

Plan and organize a successful surprise Birthday Party

Step-1: Budget

The most important one. For every plan, you should start with a budget. As it impacts your party detailing. Your party planning checklist will be affected by it. Without deciding the budget, it may bring repeated tasks. Such as, changing the theme or location or the food option. Don’t think of unrealistic things that don’t match your budget. Realistic budget planning will make the event go better. You don’t need to invest huge amounts for a successful birthday party. A small budget can bring lots of fun. Also, there are DIY decoration options that surely save your decoration cost.

Step - 2: Create a Checklist of Birthday Party

Depending on the time and complexity, you need to ready your checklist and brush it off from time to time. What it means, make a list of things that you want your surprise party to contain. Check it off when you accomplish one activity. That way you will always be aware of what's going on at the party. And you won’t miss out on anything. By following a party planning checklist, you’ll be able to move on step by step. You won’t miss the deadline as well. And since DIY party planning is now in high demand, if you are thinking of doing something like that, you need time. And here a party planning checklist will help you.

Pre Birthday Party Timeline-

For a successful surprise birthday party, pre-planning is important. That means, deciding on the party theme six weeks before. Mark the guest list and get a confirmed date and time for the party. And then reserve the space. In four weeks, make the invitation for the guest. Decide what games, food, and activity will happen at the party. In two weeks, you have to start purchasing the party goods, and decorations and need to talk with the extra help if needed. Buy the crafts and supplies that are needed for the party. Start calling the invited guests to confirm their arrival. If you are deciding on making homemade goods, you have to arrange the food items one or two weeks before. Also, order the custom cake request at least two weeks before that you have decided on the honoree. Two and one days before the surprise party, start decorating the home. The snacks item you are planning to buy, do it now. Make sure your planning list is all checked. 

Step-3: A theme

Select the favorite theme based on the honoree’s interest. So you need to make a list of things He/She likes and dislikes. Based on their hobbies and interests, make the theme of the party. For eg, If the party is for a kid, the theme should be based on the favorite cartoon character. Keep in mind that your decoration and food choice as well as other activities should be around the theme.

Step - 4: The Decoration

If there is a theme, the decoration should be arranged according to that. Considering every detail of the party. If the detailing can be made according to the theme, it would be very much appreciable from the honoree side. Here you can hire a third-party decorator to do that for you. Only if your budget allows that. There are some top surprise birthday services in Bangladesh that will offer you good quality party decoration service at the best price. Also, there is an option for DIY. For a surprise birthday party, you don't always have to spend an arm and a leg on the decorative item. Something personalized and unique is always celebrated by loved ones.

Step - 5: Select a suitable time 

Well, the date is pre-setted. But the surprise party time is what you need to decide. Whether it will happen at 12:00 AM or 5:00 PM - that you need to decide. Make sure the time is work for your honoree and as well as for the invited guests. And do not throw the surprise birthday party after the actual birthday date. It will make them think that you forgot the birthday date. Also, you can arrange an advanced birthday party. Nobody has issued an earlier celebration before. So to do that consider asking the honoree, will they have any other plan for your selected time and date.

Step - 6: Make the Guest List

It’s the most crucial point before every party and event. Who to invite and who should be off the list? Here’s a critical decision you need to make. Keep in mind you didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings by not inviting them. It’s better to invite those people who matter to the honoree. If someone doesn’t go well with the honoree, avoid sending them the invitation. It’s better with a small group of loving people than with a larger group of unknown people. 

Step - 7: Party Location

If you are planning for a big surprise party, it’s better for an external location. Make sure there is enough room to accommodate the larger group. A convention hall will work in this case. Or if you are wanting to host the surprise party at the honoree's house, don’t make the list of people too long. A small group of loving people is enough for making an event enjoyable. Keep in mind the house is enough to work according to your plan. Whatever you decide, make sure it is out of the ear of the honoree.

What about a checklist at the venue?

If you are thinking of arranging the birthday outside the home, then a venue party planning checklist is required. A commercial event venue needs something to consider and fix before the surprise party. Get confirmation from the venue authority and management that your party crew can enter the place and get it decorated. Please make sure deliveries can be made here.

  • Ask whether it is okay to pick up the left items the next day.
  • Make sure you have the contact number of the manager.
  • Need to sort out the car parking. If there is an issue, sort it out beforehand.
  • Need to clear out the options for parking. Is it free or if not find out who will be responsible for collecting money.
  • Get a confirmation that the venue authority is okay with your audio and video presentation. Do they provide those tools?

Step - 8: A Customized Invitation

If you are arranging a theme party, then sending an invitation matched with the theme will make such a big difference. A personalized invitation here will fit perfectly. And if you are not thinking of a theme, then a glammed-up invitation will work here. Such as adding glitter and foil to give the invitation card extra style. There are some rules of party invitation you need to take care of here, such as,

  • Include all the party details on the invitation 
  • Send it at least one or two weeks before the party
  • Not invite guests by email
  • Try to call every invitee before the party to feel them welcoming
  • Make sure your invitation is serving a clear message

Step - 9: Decide the Refreshments

For that, you need to consider the age of the honoree. Is it for a kid or adults? If you are throwing a party for kids, then here as a refreshment you can serve cookies, cupcakes, and fresh fruit juice as the honoree's choice. And can arrange a party treat for the guest to enjoy later at returning home. And, if it's for adults, then you can arrange snacks like nachos, Seafood starters, wedges, and so on as per guest choice. And if the party is at a restaurant, then check the starter list before the party.

Step - 10: Decide the Food

If it’s an outside surprise birthday, then the buffet-style arrangement will be good for a larger group of guests. Everyone will have their own food. Make sure the buffet contains a great number of food lists. It also allows guests to have food whenever they need it. You don’t have to worry about serving food here. 

Bonus step: Throw a Fake Party

To surprise the honoree, a fake party does the charm. The way is planning for different events that are already known by everyone. You can take the person for shopping. They will think it's for another event. But it was actually for their birthday. As a result, the honoree will get a chance to dress up properly. And you can give them an actual surprise birthday party.

Now, what to gift the birthday person?

Finding a suitable birthday gift for the honoree doesn't have to be expensive. Although the surprise party you arrange doesn't call for an extra present. But buying a present is an extra charm for the event. And if the honoree is a close one, he or she is surely expecting a gift from you. People of all ages love to see the gift being unwrapped. It also keeps the guest entertained. So in that case, planning a gift from your end is a must. Take help from our useful Birthday Surprise Gift Idea for all age people article, to get inspiration for the surprise birthday gift. Tohfabd is one of the best online gift shops in Bangladesh helping to get the best birthday gifts at a competitive price. Even if you are not there with your loved ones, we can help you deliver the best personalized birthday gifts for all ages people. You can send it directly to your loved one's doorstep from the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. 

Final Thoughts

Now, do you feel inspired to arrange a surprise birthday party?  Did you find what you needed to plan that out? It's not complicated at all. We're sure you'll do a great job in planning a successful surprise birthday party. 

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